Sharing Strength, Black Limestone, 2019

Sharing Strength is a three foot black stone carving which I created near the end of my Masters studies in sculpture. During that time I experienced profound anguish due to my overwhelming schedule of teaching full time, sculpting full time and going to school full time. My work began to manifest themes which reflected my internal struggles and external exhaustion. I began to see the universality of stress, depression, and rising to overcome it. My sculptures began to include couples who were working through grief, pain, and struggle to help each other face and conquer challenges in life. "Sharing Strength" is personally very meaningful because it represents my wife, myself, and our dependence upon each other to traverse our personal challenges in life. Most of the sculpture uses beautiful curved linear elements with smooth polished planes. This refined area in the sculpture reflects what the world can see but not necessarily what lies beneath the surface. Representing our emotional state are the planes of rough, sporadic texture which infers an inner self that is dealing with pain and being shared by the other. The pain changes to strength and these planes often continue from one figure to the other. During the current world pandemic, I’ve reflected on the power and opportunity we have to share pain, lift, and strengthen each other during times of trial. I also hope that this sculpture might serve as a memorial to those we’ve lost during this unprecedented time.
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