Exploring the relationship between creative internal intentions and the external manifestations of those inner workings, this exhibit of sculptural pieces by Jason P. Millward and photography by Kevin Wellman addresses both aspects of art creation: seen vs unseen, tangible vs felt.
WAM is proud to present this virtual online preview of our upcoming exhibition Spirit and Form. Viewers can explore the online exhibit between July 1 – September 12, and look forward to the expanded exhibition in our new home at the UVU Museum of Art at Lakemount Manor during its inaugural season.
Artist Statement
Spirit and Form explores the creation of form as well as the spiritual or internal reaction to that form through sculpture and photography. The creation of form is an exploration and search for truths within a partnership of various mediums. Each distinct medium uniquely inspires as well as limits the types of forms and concepts that can be conveyed to the viewer. This show explores the use of stone as a medium and subject.
Stone is ancient, it has a history in its creation. In nature we find an abundance of stone formations that have been created over thousands of years through various means. Also, indigenous cultures' use of stone played an essential part in their lives. Evidence of this can still be seen today through ruins and artifacts. It can be difficult and challenging to work with stone as it takes long, physical effort to realize its vision. Modern stone carving showcases the effort as stone is transformed from its natural state to various impressive sculptures.
Photography is an important medium to document these natural formations and the use of the stone anciently to help portray the spirit of these various forms to the viewers. Kevin traveled to various sites to photograph these formations and indigenous ruins. He also accompanied Jason to various quarries to document the modern acquisition of stone used for the sculptures in this show. Meanwhile, as Jason works with each piece of stone, he seeks its spirit and manifests it though each sculpture. Together both of these mediums portray stone in various forms and the spirit contained within.

Jason Millward

Kevin Wellman

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